Katie has always dreamed of being a writer and has always adored books.  She has fond memories of regular visits to the library when she was young and grew up with a love for words.  She spent her childhood years in New Zealand, her teenage years in Australia and her early adult years in the UK before settling back in Australia to raise a family.  Her working life has included library work, secretarial work, marketing and being a stay-at-home mum (with constant business ideas in her head and on the go!).  This is the first time she has written a children’s book and the first time she has been able to combine the things she loves. 


Glenn is Katie’s dad and was thrown out of his comfort zone when Katie asked him to illustrate The Magic Quilt!  But he is proud of the end result.  Glenn grew up in New Zealand to Croatian parents and, following a life-threatening illness, fell behind in school and was forced to follow the arts rather than the sciences.  He went on to follow an art-led career path in advertising, printing, graphic art, web design and now runs his own art studio.  He has always enjoyed sketching and paining as a hobby and this is his first children’s book.