Reader Reviews

I read ‘The Magic Quilt’ to my boys and they absolutely loved it! They immediately requested that I read it again as soon as we got to the end, and again, and again! I also overheard them discussing it earnestly between themselves before bed. They love the rhymes, the imaginary side of the story and the illustrations.  We will treasure it.

– Emma, Jeweller and mum to Archie (3), Ted (2) and Finn (3 months) 

A gorgeous story that sparks the imagination. My three year old was hooked from start to finish, especially the under the sea adventure! Being able to build on the story by making your own quilt is a lovely touch, and inspires parents and children to read and create something special together.

– Anna, Theatre Director and mum to Violet (3) and George (2 months)

As a mother of two young and imaginative boys, The Magic Quilt was a sure hit. With Katie’s words and Glenn’s illustrations, you’re taken on adventures full of excitement and wonder. The added bonus for me was the lovely message within the story reminding children to say “Thank you”!

– Helen, DJ and mum to Angus (5) and Max (3)

As both a parent and a teacher, I can highly recommend The Magic Quilt.  It has become a much loved part of my children’s bedtime routine and such a lovely way to send them off to sleep.  I look forward to using it in my role as teacher too.  A very special book for children of all ages.

– Fiona, Teacher and mum to Sophie (6), Samuel (3) and Joshua (1)

My daughter loves The Magic Quilt. She is totally captivated by the rhyme and the illustrations. After we finish reading the story we always talk about the adventures my daughter would like to go on. It is a story that, as a parent, you really enjoy reading every night (often more than once!).

– Rebecca, Marketing Manager and mum to Lucie (3)

My children loved hearing about Toby’s adventures on his magic quilt. The story is perfect for both boys and girls. All three of my children loved the magic and adventure of the story. As a mum it was great reading a story that had undertones of valuable skills to teach children but with a fun and exciting story. The story is so well illustrated it keeps the children totally mesmerised from start to finish.

– Virginia, Lawyer and mum to Amelia (5), William (3) and Alex (3)

My children really enjoyed the story and the pictures are bright and colourful. I would highly recommend you reading this book to your children. Well done Katie, look forward to the next one.

Kelly, mum of four (aged 11, 9, 3 and 1)

All the very best with this.  You have a great product – it is such a wonderful idea to combine quilting and your book. And your Dad’s illustrations are really bold and bright – so suited to the text and character.

– Adrienne, Qld