Review in Handmade magazine (March 2015):
Gently persuade the next generation that quilting is pretty much the coolest thing ever with Katie Sokolic’s new picture book, The Magic Quilt.  The perfect bed-time accompaniment – apart from a snuggly quilt that is – The Magic Quilt follows Toby as his magic quilt transports him to all manner of places when he’s sad or lonely.  Illustrated by Katie’s own father Glenn Sokolic, The Magic Quilt is a metaphorical representation of the true comfort and warmth of quilts.

Review by Michelle Taylor, Certified Practising Speech Pathologist (November 2014):
Katie’s Sokolic’s story ‘The Magic Quilt’ is an imaginative representation of a child’s experience of the magical escape and comfort that may be provided by a favourite quilt. The “Magic Quilt” has been lovingly made by Toby’s mum and makes him feel tingly and warm when he hugs it after being challenged by events which provoke disappointment, fear or frustration. Toby enjoys marvellous imaginary adventures with his quilt and always arrives back home safe and sound – having also learned the lesson of thanking the quilt for its generous services. The story would be enjoyed by many children and their parents and may even inspire the creation of more quilts. Katie offers hand made quilts and also complete quilt kits so that parents or relatives can create their own magic quilts and also provide this loving legacy of play, imagination and comfort for their children.

Review by Lara Cain Gray, This Charming Mum (blog) (November 2014):
This beautiful book project by a father/daughter team brings together a charming story and the comforting craft tradition of quilting. Katie Sokolic made quilts for her children as a hobby, but when she noticed just how much pleasure, comfort and security they offered, she decided to make the quilt the star of her first children’s book.  In The Magic Quilt, we meet Toby, whose Mum has lovingly stitched together a big, colourful quilt for his birthday.  Little does Mum know that her fabric contains a sprinkle of magic that will whisk Toby off on adventures whenever he wraps himself up in his quilt. When a special fishing trip with his Dad is disappointingly cancelled, for example, Toby discovers he can explore the ocean himself – from right there in his own bed! When his little brother loses his favourite toy train, Toby steams himself over bridges and through tunnels with the help of the magic quilt.  The story plays on the blurry lines between reality and imagination that make childhood so special, and suggests a tool to help children manage negative emotions.  The exciting extra dimension of this story is that Katie Sokolic also sells actual quilts in the same colours as the one in the story.  The quilt and book together would make a truly magical gift for any child who needs a little extra help to get to sleep or to calm down when under stress. If you’d like to make a family project of it, you can also buy a quilting kit to accompany the book. I can imagine a DIY quilting session being quite a special little ritual with young helpers involved; and seeing their own Mummy make their quilt would boost the connection between the story and their own world.  Bookmarks in quilting fabrics are also available at the website as another gift option.  We all probably know a little one who needs some extra comfort at bedtime, or who loves to escape into imaginary worlds as they drift off to sleep. This book offers an easy to read rhyming narrative, clear, brightly coloured illustrations and the added bonus of a cosy quilt to snuggle up in if you choose.

Review in Quilters Companion magazine (September 2014):
An easy-to-read rhyming story about Toby, who adores the patchwork quilt his mum has made for him and soon discovers its hidden magic powers.  After persuading her dad, Glenn Sokolic, to tackle the illustrations, Katie self-published her book.  She has also created kits that include fabrics, pattern, batting and thread, so that parents everywhere – even those with very little sewing experience – can make a “magic quilt” for their children.

Review in Down Under Quilts magazine (September 2014):
This is a beautiful picture book about Toby, who gets a colourful patchwork quilt on his birthday, made by his mum.  He soon discovers that it is a magic quilt: when he is feeling sad or afraid, the quilt comes to the rescue.  It takes him under the ocean, up on a storm cloud and brings his toy train to life.  The book is written in rhyme and easy to read; young children and their (grand)parents are sure to love it.

Review by Elaine Fry for The West Australian newspaper (September 2014):
Katie Sokolic has stitched her love for patchwork quilts into a children’s story about a magic quilt belonging to a boy called Toby. Whether the magic quilt takes the youngster on adventures in his dreams or to real places, is left to the reader’s imagination. Related in rhymes and jollified by attractive illustrations by Sokolic’s father, Toby’s quilt takes him underwater and on a steam train while teaching him not to be frightened of storms. Sokolic’s book also has a website where quilt kits can be bought, then made to accompany the book. A fun picture book which opens up magical possibilities for children.

Review by Alisa Fraser, winner of The Block Sky High on Channel 9 (September 2014):
My son loves reading The Magic Quilt. He certainly has the imagination to go on the journeys and adventures with Toby. He has a Magic Quilt of his own and likes to pretend he is Toby. For all those parents out there struggling to think of birthday ideas, this is a great gift that can be enjoyed together with your child. 

Review by Tonya Grant, The Crafty Mummy (blog) (September 2014):
It is one of the nicest kids books I have read in a long time – and I love kids picture books a lot! What a sweet story. She based the story on her sons and their love of the quilts she has made for them, something that totally resonates with me as I made my kids quilts when they were younger and I love to see them still treasuring them. The story tells of a boy’s handmade quilt that is actually magical and can take him away when he is upset to special places. The illustrations were done by Katie’s dad, Glenn, and are bright and colourful and captivating. I think my favourite picture is the giant whose pants are fashioned on the magic quilt!  This book is just the start though. Katie has very cleverly put together quilt kits so that you can make a quilt too! Wouldn’t this be a fabulous gift from Grandma or Aunty? The tricky bit has been done for you – choosing the fabrics and cutting them. All you have to do is sew them together and finish up the quilt. The kit comes with all the fabrics for the quilt top and the backing plus the batting, thread, and full instructions. If you haven’t got the time or skills to sew the quilt yourself, you can even buy a quilt ready to give which is handmade by Katie herself. Such a lovely gift!

Review by Courtney Tuckett, Features Editor at Haven for Families magazine (September 2014):
Kids will love The Magic Quilt, a story about a boy who discovers the secret magic hidden in the patchwork quilt made by his mum. When Toby is feeling sad, his quilt takes him on magical journeys under the sea, up to a storm cloud and even on a life-size toy train. While expecting her second child, author Katie Sokolic began making patchwork quilts, starting with one for each of her children. Their love for their quilts and the many imaginative games they played inspired her story, while her father completed the illustrations. An easy-to-read rhyming book, The Magic Quilt is complemented by quilt kits available for purchase, enabling young readers to not only enjoy the story, but treasure their own magic quilt made by mum.

Review by Melanie Folkes, Publishing Consultant and Marketing Assistant at Love of Books (May 2014):
This is a colourful little book about the adventures of Toby and the magical quilt handcrafted by his mother. The magical quilt takes Toby to unexpected places whenever he was sad or a tragedy arose. This short story takes an amazing turn when Toby tries to figure out whether it’s all a dream, or whether his quilt is truly magical.  This is Katie Sokolic’s first book, inspired by her love of crafting patchwork quilts for her children. True talent is seen here with Katie’s choice in advanced words, making this book unique compared to other children’s books. The rhyme in this book is exceptionally riveting, leaving you impatient to turn the page. It is beautifully illustrated by Katie’s skilful father, Glenn Sokolic, using bright, radiant colours and creative artwork.  Between the impressive rhyme, clever word selection and appealing illustrations, this is a brilliantly constructed book, enthralling for all ages!

Book Testimonials

I read ‘The Magic Quilt’ to my boys and they absolutely loved it! They immediately requested that I read it again as soon as we got to the end, and again, and again! I also overheard them discussing it earnestly between themselves before bed. They love the rhymes, the imaginary side of the story and the illustrations.  We will treasure it.
– Emma, Jeweller and mum to Archie (3), Ted (2) and Finn (3 months)

A gorgeous story that sparks the imagination. My three year old was hooked from start to finish, especially the under the sea adventure! Being able to build on the story by making your own quilt is a lovely touch, and inspires parents and children to read and create something special together.
– Anna, Theatre Director and mum to Violet (3) and George (2 months)

As a mother of two young and imaginative boys, The Magic Quilt was a sure hit. With Katie’s words and Glenn’s illustrations, you’re taken on adventures full of excitement and wonder. The added bonus for me was the lovely message within the story reminding children to say “Thank you”!
– Helen, DJ and mum to Angus (5) and Max (3)

As both a parent and a teacher, I can highly recommend The Magic Quilt.  It has become a much loved part of my children’s bedtime routine and such a lovely way to send them off to sleep.  I look forward to using it in my role as teacher too.  A very special book for children of all ages.
– Fiona, Teacher and mum to Sophie (6), Samuel (3) and Joshua (1)

My daughter loves The Magic Quilt. She is totally captivated by the rhyme and the illustrations. After we finish reading the story we always talk about the adventures my daughter would like to go on. It is a story that, as a parent, you really enjoy reading every night (often more than once!).
– Rebecca, Marketing Manager and mum to Lucie (3)

My children loved hearing about Toby’s adventures on his magic quilt. The story is perfect for both boys and girls. All three of my children loved the magic and adventure of the story. As a mum it was great reading a story that had undertones of valuable skills to teach children but with a fun and exciting story. The story is so well illustrated it keeps the children totally mesmerised from start to finish.
– Virginia, Lawyer and mum to Amelia (5), William (3) and Alex (3)

My children really enjoyed the story and the pictures are bright and colourful. I would highly recommend you reading this book to your children. Well done Katie, look forward to the next one.
Kelly, mum of four (aged 11, 9, 3 and 1)

All the very best with this.  You have a great product – it is such a wonderful idea to combine quilting and your book. And your Dad’s illustrations are really bold and bright – so suited to the text and character.
– Adrienne, Qld