The Quilt

A note from Katie…

The Magic Quilt picture book was inspired by my children and the patchwork quilts I made for them when I took up sewing as a hobby a few years ago.  To this day, it surprises me how much they play with their quilts and love them.  I don’t think many days go by that I don’t pick one or both quilts up off the floor or couch and put them back on the boys’ beds at the end of the day! 

I love the feeling it gives me, knowing that I made those quilts for them and that, one day, they will be passed onto my grandchildren.

I read to my children every day and, so many times, we finish a book and they want what was in it.  So, when I wrote The Magic Quilt, I wanted the answer to that question to be yes! 

Even if you’ve never sewn before, I hope you can experience the feeling it will give you to present your child with their very own Magic Quilt that you have made for them with love and with care, just like Toby’s mum. 

The design of the quilt has been kept extremely simple so that even the very beginner sewer or someone who has never sewn before can make it.  Just borrow a sewing machine, get the owner to teach you the basics and you’re on your way. A patchwork quilt (much more complicated than this one!) was the first thing I ever sewed in my life so, if I can do it, anyone can! I’d love to hear how you go with the quilt, so keep me in the loop!